Sunday, June 8, 2014

Whether you are married or dating you need to understand the fundamental differences between the the sexes if you are going to find the right mate. We both assume that eventually the other will be more like us and make things more harmonious. Never going to happen. Those differences are here to stay but once you understand the wiring you blame the other for them.You care what others think and feel, he really does not, although many try to learn, it is not automatic. You will remember emotional events with great detail and clarity he will not. So write stuff down on the calendar if you want him to remember. Take a listen there is so much more.#marriage #happiness #couples #counseling #neurons #brain #dating

Why He Has No Idea when You are Pissed

We know we are different from each other but for eons the debate as to which is better has echoed through decades. But isn't the real question that if males and females have biases whey don't they each evolve to control them if they don't suit the other sex. Well that is easier said then done. It is better to understand our partners than blame them. Hopefully this will help sort some long sort after questions out. oday I am going to explain and give you insight as to many of the things that you have witnessed and experienced but had no hard scientific evidence to explain it.  Leaving you to assume it might be just you or the person you are with. So what does science have to say regarding why teenage girls will spend hours on the phone, why do teenage boys spend hours in their room, why do some men get uncomfortable around women crying, to why women in the corporate world have more trouble than guys in speaking their mind, Ever think a guy is great looking only to find you had no sexual attraction and my personal favorite. Why he can never tell when you're angry or upset.  #marriage #happiness #couples #counseling #neurons #brain #dating

How Neuroscience can help us Learn to be Happy

Our brains have never been wired for happiness unless it is a "big thing". Instead they have been wired to look for every conceivable problem, real or imagined and send us panicing and worrying 24/7. But using the latest discoveries and insights from neuroscience we can train our brain to see good everywhere and dismiss many of they typical problems we over react to. I have parsed out techniques, and  the applications that anyone can learn in just a few seconds to feel better and in control of their emotions again. You can listen to podcasts on everything from emotions, neurochemicals , neuroscience neuropsychology and the differences between men and women that have baffled us forever. Get ready to have a lot of Aha! moments.
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The Best Pharmacy on Earth is in our Heads

It is time we learn how to manage the best pharmacy on earth...The one in our head. Here I explain the 3 most powerful neurochemicals responsible for our wellbeing and happiness and what triggers them. This is the prelude to understanding how to trigger experiences that will release Dopamine,Serotonin and oxytocin so you can start to feel human again.

What Holds us Back from Allowing Happiness

you want to be Happy so what is holding you back, besides that overreactive Amygdala? There are a few cultural, physiological and psychological barriers that you need to understand first in order to overcome them. do other people want you unhappy? Some might. Do some people want you nervous? Some might, but why? You would never do that! Or would you????? Let's figure out together how to de-program all this old programing!  #moody #sad #sadness #antidepressants #happiness #brain #neurons #behappy #stressfree #oxytocin #serotonin #dopamine #joyless #findjoy #peace #calm #rest

Why We do What We Do

When we were growing up everything we experienced was molding and shaping our likes, dislikes, what we deemed pleasurable and not so pleasurable, for better or for worse. How that molding took place is one of the most amazing new understandings Neuroscience has revealed in the last 5 years. Neuroscientists have speculated, hypothesized, guessed, and debated for decades over why humans do what they do. But finally they are beginning to map it out and shine some light into this brilliant 3lb mass we call our brain. They know more about what motivates us, deflates us and scares us, then ever before. Today I am going to share some of this really cool stuff with you in the hope that you will find some answers to your own patterns of thought, behavior and overreactions.  #humanbehavior #moods #motives #drives #happy #bragging #serotonin #dopamine #brainchemicals #neurons #oxytocin #neurotransmitters

Teen Deaths from Texting (Using Neuroscience to Understand the Urge)

Teen Deaths from Texting (Using Neuroscience to Understand the Urge)
Researchers at Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park estimate more than 3,000 families will bury their teenagers this year killed while texting and driving, plus 300,000 injuries. This beats drunk driving at 2700 deaths a year! Not to mention hundreds of accidents that don't report texting as the cause. These are sobering heartbreaking numbers. Entirely preventable deaths.  We take these risks, but what are we taking the risk for in the first place, what is the reward we are chasing? We have all asked that rhetorical question after we are in trouble " How could I be so stupid!" Our bad  choices seem ridiculous after the fact. Today we can look to science for some of those answers, and hopefully help kids understand their behavior so they can control it.
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